We’re Talkin Summer

Well actually the SimGuru’s are talkin summer. Again, actually only one really is, and he even wrote a blog about it!

You know, hot dog eating contests, laying out in the sun soaking up some rays trying to get your tan on or maybe just cheating a little and jumping into one of those spray tan thing-a-ma-jigs. We know all about summer and the fun things to do, but our sims on the other hand have had nothing but sunny cloudless days…day in-day out. Day after day after day, week after week after week. Thanks to the makers of TS3, our simmies are now about to get blasted with weather. I’m talkin  thunderstorms, down pouring rain, CLOUDS!  But don’t just take my word for it. Read what Charles Murakami, Associate Producer over at The Sims 3.  12 1/2 weeks left to go till Seasons! Seems like such a long time away…

What will your first season be? Mine will be winter, I think.


Diving boards…YA! How about a slide next!

swimming on a cloudy day…exciting!



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