Sunlit Tides

I was up at 5 a.m. on Thursday morning. At 5:30 I was beginning my quest to get Sunlit Tides, Gold edition. I checked and checked and checked every half hour to hour. Finally at 12:00 they made it available to download. But wait…what? The standard edition was the only edition with a buy button. I don’t want the standard…I WANT THE GOLD! After clicking here, going there, doing this and that, I was finally able to download and install Sunlit Tides. WHEW!

Now I’d like to show you some of the pic’s I got from inside my game and new world, Sunlit Tides.

Here is my gal and her boyfriend fishing on their date.


Here is the little diner they went out to eat supper at:

I wish they would of made the grass or straw roofs available for us to use on our homes…

Then when they got home…they tried out their sauna. I know it doesn’t look anything like what a real sauna would look like. This is the sims after all…


Next they both did some skill learning, Hailey went to the Bistro to learn how to cook, no more burning water for her! And Shane went to the stadium to get a job and take a class in athletic’s. Since when does someone have to take a class in how to run! Like I said…this IS the sims after all.

I had to show the back side of the stadium with the walls down cause this is the first stadium that I have seen in the sims where there is an area that isn’t a rabbit hole!

Next I just looked around the world. As I was cruising the coast line, I happened to see the waves crashing against the rocks. Awesome…


Then a little further down I happened to notice the great detail that went into creating the ocean or sea, whatever. You can actually see where the drop offs are!


This was all done on my second attempt in playing my game yesterday and today. When I first downloaded the world I went directly into move in household, put the family on a empty lot and set to building the home. This is what I had built…

Then when I went to exit and save…dummy me hit the “NO” BUTTON and I lost everything. 




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