Let’s review

This will most likely be the last post I make for a few, well actually for more than a few days, as we are gearing up for the landfall of Hurricane Isaac, here in southern Louisiana. With this system intensifying it is pretty much guaranteed that we will be without power for many, many, many day’s-weeks. I highly doubt that the energy companies here have taken enough precautions to guarantee limited power outage duration’s.

So let’s get on with it then, shall we?

First up, is more of Sunlit tides. Turns out my gal, Hailey is preggo and they moved.

This is one my exclusive builds. Not sure if I’m going to put it up for download or not. A lot depends on how much CC I put in the home and if I can locate the owners to those creations and their links.

I sent my guy, Shane, out to do some fishing to cure his itch of wishing and wanting to do some. He did pretty good, caught a new fish and I caught a pic of waves coming in.

I also worked with my third generation legacy family, the next chapter: A letter and two books, has been published. You can find that at: http://mamajanaynay.blogspot.com


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