New items

I was finally able to launch my game after that patch came through. I did the usual prep and clean up after the patch, launched it and got this>


It would appear that there are many simmers who are experiencing an array of issues since patching. I have started a new page (look on top) to hopefully help anyone who may need to just plain ole bypass the launcher. Another tip that I would like to pass on and I will be putting this on my Tools page, is not only clean out your cache files after patching, but also go into the control panel, network/internet, and clean out the browser history/cookies. I did that after cleaning out my cache files (again) and it launched! Woo! So. What did I do next? Of course I haven’t put my mods folder back in yet and I didn’t want to open one of my pre-existing families, so I thought…Oh what the hell. I’m going to start one of my new SuperNatural creatures! HA! Get a jump start on it, plus I wanted to see if everything they promised to install with the patch was actually there. (Heard many people weren’t getting those either after the patch)

So lets check this out hey?

First up, is my newest CAS, I would like to introduce Arina Grist. She is a young female who will inspire to be a fairy in Hidden Springs. She is friendly, loves the outdoors, Hopeless Romantic (looks like she will be helping cupid out), Good (no one wants an evil fairy, right?), and a natural cook. (Hmmm. wonder if that will help with mixing up those looooovvvve potions)


Now lets check out some of those skin tones!

These are the new ones added, and pic’s of what your sim will look like in some of them.

Once I got her done, I went into game and put her in a house. I got a message that I had some gifts. Huh? And the mailbox had these funny sparkles around it. Hmmm. Clicked on the mailbox and hey that’s what they were referring to about sending sim friends gifts. 



I had two friends other than TS3 developement team, send me a gift. Of course I gifted them right back, plus sent a gift to two other simmers.

So now I’m off to clean out my mods folder, put in the game and cross my fingies that my game will launch!



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