Meet Charlise and Malichie

So here is my vampire, Malichie (Mel-i-ky) and his human girlfriend, Charlise.



Their home in Moonlight Falls, First Quarter moon (oh boy, you know whats next…the Full Moon), Sunrise

Check it out, the bikes have a headlight! I never noticed this before…And it’s a Witch! On a broom! NEAT! I have to make a witch next…


I put Twallan’s Story Progression in my game ( and I had those notifications that show what’s happening in town with the other sims. Check out some things that have gone on during my game play today.

This guy, ghost or not, he is just on a roll pissing everyone off that he comes in contact with. He just needs to find a grave and crawl in it and stay there…


Wait…what?????? Software?????? Is that what they are calling it these days?


And since my guy is a vampire he has sworn to protect his gal. Awe…how sweet. They have a new moodlet for the giver and the receiver

Awe…Look, its a fairy toddler!!!!!


What happens when you get two vampires together? You never know…



Dude my fangs are bigger than yours




No dude, mine are bigger




Well that’s all I have for tonight…Goodnight all.


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