SuperNatural is out

And it’s AMAZING! But first before I show you my updated fairy sim, I want to let everyone know I have updated both my Tools page and How to bypass your launcher page. From time to time, when I come across another tool or one is passed along to me, I will update that page.

Now. I didn’t get my edition of SuperNatural until late last night. Stayed up way late and back up early (like before the dang birds), jumped on my computer, put some of my CC in that I didn’t add back in after the update and installed Twallan’s Story Progression mod. Just love that mod….. Anyway,

Here is my sim before she was made a fairy *earning her wings, so to speak* I showed her before


And here she is with her wings!


(yeah, I forgot to exit out of buy mode after posing and moving her) And that’s her fairy house behind her! *you can find the fairy homes in buy mode>decor>misc.*

Now for some more stuff I found while in CAS:

What’s this EA? Stepping into the- yeah that’s what we want, FINGER NAILS, and not just any kind of finger nails, painted pointy finger nails! *of course this is my own color that I tweaked for my girl*


I meant to show this the other day or whenever my last post was. New roof cornices that came with the newest update:


As I was playing my game last night, I put these two pictures up on the wall


Now watch what happens to these two pictures when night comes


Waxing moon


My fairy playing with the train set *found in buy mode>entertainment*, teasing a local resident in Hidden Springs, playing rock, paper, scissors and then going off to tease another resident.

I did start another family in the new town, Moonlight Falls, but I don’t have any pics of them yet. Still setting up their home. He is a vampire and she is human. No,no,no, I’m not doing a “Twilight” thing….sheesh. If it was up to me and I was Edward…I would of dumped that twit long before the second saga came out, much less get involved with her in RL! Just my opinion people, don’t get your “I Love Bella” undies in a bunch. Nope, my girl is a sandy blonde, and he looks nothing like Edward + he don’t sparkle, run around being a vegetarian vampire attacking animals, no, he wants the real thing, real sim blood.

Anyway…I’m off to go and build their home. *jumps on broomstick and zooms away cackling*


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