Well that’s about enough excitement for one day

I loaded up my legacy family to get some of the next chapter done and to be able to publish it. It’s been published alright, but not until after I had to scratch the whole chapter and start completely over with a brandy new one. Turns out my game had something more in store for me today than usual.

So to recap, here is how my game began…

I was working on my next chapter, like I said, it was suppose to be called Emergency. Well, yeah, it turned into an emergency alright, just not the one I had written out for the family. My game instead decides it’s going to throw a whole new scenario at me. Fire… and a death.

What started the fire, I haven’t a clue. It started around the table, ended up engulfing half of the kitchen, surrounding my legacy guy. Who eventually ends up dying. Talk about freaking out! Never in all my time playing this game, have I ever had something just spontaneously erupt in  flames. I’ve had meteors fall and just about wipe out my family, not to mention the whole town, my home and pets infested with fleas. But never had anything just go- poof- up in smoke. So you’re probable asking yourself, why didn’t I stop and back out? Not save my game? Yeah, that’s another thing that went wrong. I did attempt to back out, first of all it wouldn’t let me cause Grim was on the lot, second when I was able to quit, instead of hitting NO (do not save), I clicked on YES! For the love of God, why did I press   YES! Well what’s done is done. The, well you may as well call it, the Final chapter to my3rd generation is published. I will be carrying on with my legacy, but now through the eyes of my 4th generation, who is only a child. Oye, this is going to be a long road.  I worked a little bit on the next beginning chapter to that generation, but decided to stop in fear of what else may happen, or who would die! After my guy died, a day later their dog kicked the bucket. Geez, I wasn’t winning with this family today.

That was about enough excitement that I could handle in one day with this game.

But instead I pressed on and played my fairy girl. Let’s just say, her game time went not so eventful.

She started a garden, went to a movie, made some more friends, played some more rock, paper, scissors, oh and bought some stuff from the Elixir Consignment shop.

See nothing exciting in this little fairy’s life. WHEW! Like I said, I’ve had about enough excitement for one day, now I’m off to go to sleep. That first family plum wore me out!


Oh yeah, before I forget, there is a new update in my Tools page. It concerns .png files. Check it out!


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