SuperNatural Beings

I have a fairy in my game, a vampire too. Now I have a witch, werewolf, ghost and a genie. My set of super’s is almost complete. I’ve already showed you my fairy, Arina, and my vampire Malichie. All that’s left to do is introduce my SuperNatural Beings. They all live in the same house, which ought to be quite interesting to say the least.

Here they are as a group:


Now individually:

Michael Wolfbang in his human and Werewolf form


Esmeralda Vaughn the Witch


Shandin Rukstman the Genie


Marnie Snipes the Ghost. (who died from jelly beans…be careful of those deadly jelly beans floating around out there!)


They have made their home in Moonlight Falls


So far so good with this brood. They all seem to be hitting it off pretty good.


Esmeralda tried out her broom riding skills and waving her wand around

While Shandin read Marnie’s fortune


Her fortune was this


That’s all I was able to accomplish today, as it took me a great bit to create these mystic beings and building their home, took just as long and many trips to motherlode. See ya tomorrow!


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