A Werewolf, Witch, Genie and Ghost

I think you can guess this post is again going to be mainly about the new household that I created. You’re right. I didn’t get to play them much yesterday as I spent most of the day creating them and building their home.

So far so good with this bunch all being under the same roof. They all seem to be getting along fairly well, well two of them are kicking things up a little. Lets check in on this brood and see what they did today.

After landing a job as a Fortune Teller, Shandin decided to meditate

Marnie worked on her gardening skills by planting and tending to her now growing garden. She’s on her way to creating that Perfect Garden.

Esmeralda brushed up on her alchemy skills and produced a cure potion, then tried her hand on playing chess on the computer, while Shandin chatted on SimBook

Later that evening, Shandin painted, Michael got a workout, Marnie played some pre-dinner music and Esmeralda made hot dogs.

That’s right, she dropped the dog and picked it up.  Then they sat down for dinner and this time Esmeralda played some dinner music for them, after they all ate they enjoyed the tunes. But wait…there must be something about her piano playing cause it got Michael thinking about Marnie and things got a little cozy between them. Maybe a baby ghost or werewolf is in the future? 

Now for some other shots from today’s game play….

Bonehilda makes an appearance. Who needs to hire a maid anymore,when you have her and she works for free! 

When you’re a ghost, who needs hallways and doors! Just float through walls and across air!


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