Fae Ray Arboretum, Legacy and a Sauna

Not related to each other one bit. It’s just some of what I explored, worked on and built today.

Fairy, Arina Grist, visited the Fae Ray Arboretumum and went on an excursion. Lets see what the place looks like and how well she faired. Then she had a fairy party, traveled by Llama to Varg’s Tavern (werewolf hangout).I choose search the tunnelI choose check behind the waterfallI choose the not so obvious one…and went with crawl inside the log.Aw, shucks. She didn’t find any fairies. Better luck next time!

It’s a fairy party! WOOO!The Llama way.*crickets*Wow. Talk about a place being dead!

In my legacy today I was able to accomplish just about all the pictures needed for my next upcoming chapter. Here’s a sneak peek…And last of all, I touched base with Malichie and Charlise. They built a sauna out in the back yard, went to the Red Velvet Lounge (vampire hangout), some strange things went on there. What the heck? She is levitating!Holy…..! Watch out she’s gonna blow! Nah she didn’t. She just had a magic makeover from the magic mirror. Had ya goin there for a minute, didn’t I?

That about covers my game play for the day. See ya!


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