For helping my blog reach over 1000 views! I couldn’t have reached this mile stone with out you…YOU’RE THE BEST!

I haven’t been faithful here for a couple of days. I’ve been busy working on a project and I let this place go. ūüė¶

But I’m back with an update on my game. Some crazy stuff went on today. One of those crazy things is…

Bonehilda. What a character! Check out some of the crazy stunts and other stuff she did.

Here she is mixing up some drinks on the roof top, watch what she does next!What the heck Bonehilda…you make the drink, serve the drink, pick up the drink then just toss it? What a waste of some good drinks! You could of at least offered some to Charlise and Malichie! Sheesh.

I’m not done with Bonehilda, yet. She’s up to more¬†shenanigans!

What in the world could she be up to now? Huh? Where are his clothes?

That explains it! Bonehilda wasn’t sneaking around to scare anyone, she stole Malichie’s clothes while he was skinny dipping in the hot tub! Bad Bonehilda, bad!

Oh ho, wait. I have a couple more. I happened to catch her standing in the Library/Reading room…¬†Doing what? You ask? What else! Shaking her booty in front of the fire…and then her hands. Guess being a skeleton you do tend to get a little chilled. (What is she gonna do when Seasons comes out and winter sets in. Hmm. I wonder if she will get sick too?)



The one thing I have discovered about Bonehilda is, she has got to be the best gosh darn maid I have ever seen! She makes the beds, cleans the toilets, unclogs the toilets, washes out the showers, cleans the counter tops and takes out the garbage.I have yet to see a hired maid do all that!

Okay, so enough about Bonehilda. What else went on today. Oh yeah! When my girl Charlise had a¬†Hydrotherapy bath in the sauna, I caught her playing with a rubber ducky. Shows you’re never to old to play.


There you have it. All the other stuff I did today was for the project I’m currently working on. Um yep…I ain’t revealing that until it’s time.

Until next time…Peace out, Be safe and Take care


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