I have created a….

Zombie-Witch! Or as I call her…a Zombitch! ROFL! 


Before she turned herself into a zombie, (she wasn’t suppose to use the zombification elixir on herself, she was suppose to throw it at another sim!) She did manage to create two other zombie’s. The Zombie Apocalypse has begun! Bwahaha*cough, gag, cough* Uh-hum, anyway’s here she is doing her dirty work.


Yeah, one of the things in the menu that you can have them (zombies’s) do is, well all it says is Braaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss. 


But this is a T for teen rated game, so nope, no cannibalism is allowed. But they sure can put a whoopin on a garden!

So enough about that. One of the cool things you can do now is not only sit in a rocking chair, you can read in it (and they rock while reading!) and you can rock your baby. Marnie did just that with her little bundle of joy.


Yep, that would be a human baby...but is it really?????? Only time will tell.

I am constantly getting zombie’s during the daylight. WTHeck? And Esmeralda learned the fire, ice and good luck spell. (She practiced doing these spells on a zombie.)

Don’t worry. The zombie eventually melted back to her human state and went home.

Oh look it’s a turtle! Aw…how cute.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot…the neighborhood zombie’s showed up at my house and they had a party out in my garden! It’s a monster mash! Well, kinda sorta.


Good times. This game gets better and more interesting the more I play it.

Oh one more thing. I happened to catch the full moon rising over Moonlight falls. Pretty cool.



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