So, I’m on a roll today. No more brain farts goin on. 🙂 I’ve got so much to show and say!

Lets just get right to this, then.

My werewolf pack is getting bigger, no more does my werewolf have to hunt alone. 


My Gholf is making fun of a zombie, then laughs at her

Then its off to practice fighting, werewolf styleEsmeralda turns the Aurora Wardrobe into a magical portal, her birthday gift to little Claude who grew upI chose for him to go with the fawnLet’s see the description there reminds me of a movie I saw, Oh yeah Narnia! I loved that movie

And now onto other stuff. This dude kept fainting at the Red Velvet Lounge everytime I turned around. If he wasn’t fainting because of the werewolves in the house, it had to be from this dude.


I love Bonehilda! She has got to be just the most awesomeness maid ever!She has saved my family a bundle of simoleons!

Oh look! Plumbobs! All kinds of plumbobs floating in the air…like bubbles! 


And now I’m done.


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