Visit with Shane and Hailey Nestle

I had intentions of working on the next installment to my legacy story today, it didn’t happen as planned. I spent my entire allotted game time playing Shane and Hailey Nestle.

The twins (to my surprise) were born today, Abby and Pipper. Here they are as toddlers, Abby is playing with the blocks and Pipper is playing on the xylophone.

Shane and Hailey were invited to a party at one of Shane’s buddies home. Here is his buddy trying to intimidate him. Looks like it’s workingOdd fellow…

While that was going on, Hailey decided to take some dude up in a pillow fight. Looks like they were having a grand ole time. Uh oh…looks like someone is getting a wee bit sleepy.

But not enough to not want to bust a move with hubby. Looks like everyone had the same thought…Well everyone except for the chick with that flower thing on her head.

Then it was time for everyone to…”Get out of my house or I’ll call the cops!” Well I don’t know if that’s what they really say. A message pops up thanking my people for showing up. 


With the birth of the twins, I had to make an addition to the homestead. The extra room was only built with one child in mind, not two! 


Abby and Pipper are potty trained. Shane received a promotion at work and gained some more levels in his athletic skill. Hailey is learning to prepare more meals and learning to juggle the twins when Shane is gone to work.

That about covers it for today….Peace out, Be safe and Take care.



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