Always a first time

I received a message on TS3’s site, it was another give away by SimGuruHydra. This time she wanted to see screenshots of witches and wizards. So just for the hell of it, I posted this picture

I never enter these random sweeps that are held over on the forums. But like I said, I thought oh well, why not. Not like my pic will get picked anyways. Then I forgot all about it. When I checked my emails, I got a notification that I have been gifted. Huh? I thought, well maybe…so I logged into TS3, clicked on the present icon and well hells bells, what ya know, my pic was picked! WOOO! So there is a first time for everything.

Oh my reward? I had to quickly go into the store and put some random stuff into my wishlist (I did that after I posted my pic). I was gifted a dress that I put in my list.



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