Hmmm. Wonder what…

Kind of surprises are waiting for us in the next Live Broadcast coming up on October 9 by Maxis. The news feed states it will be packed full with information, in depth looks at upcoming games by The Sims 3, the award winning SimsCity PC/Mac, (I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that announcement will contain those simmers who will be getting their sims placed in the game, from the contest that ends on the 27? Oh didn’t know about that? You better hurry then! Create, take some screenshots, submit here you can also get more information here)

Lets go back to the “in depth look into upcoming games by The Sims 3″. Oooo…I wonder if that means they will leak out the remaining stuff packs and expansion packs? OR….or, will they blast us with the news…the news all of us sims 3 players are dreading to hear. NO MORE! TS3 has come to it’s limit. And announce The Sims 4? Come on. We all know that eventually TS3 will, unfortunately, come to an end. It can’t go on forever, no matter how much we would love it too. We have waited since the beginning of TS3 for Seasons to come out, we all begged for it, pleaded for it, cried for it, over and over and over. Now here it comes. I really don’t think they can top that. Yes, university would be nice. But I wasn’t into it in TS2, but then again…I didn’t care for Pets in TS2 either, and LOVE it in TS3! Well I could sit here and speculate all night long and drone on and on and on. I won’t do that to you all though. Guess we will just have to wait and see what Maxis has to say on October 9. Want to join? Go here.

Now on to my game. I played my legacy family, finally got G4.2 published. But I did happen to catch some things outside of my story I want to share.


Zombie: Aaarrrrrgggg….. Sim: I need a rocking chair…”sighZombie: “chomp…nom, nom, nom” Sim: WT??????Sim: “Ugh! Get the F***K off me, you freak!” Zombie: “Nom, nom, nom”Sim: Ow! Why did you bite me! You bitch!” Zombie: AaarrrgggZombie: “yum, but not as good as braaaaiiiinnnns” Sim: “Oh I feel ill…. what’s happening to meeeeee…..”Zombie: “more brrraaaaiiiinnnnns, aaarrrrrggggg….” Sim: deadZombie: “Aaaarrrgggg….(Die bitch)Zombie: “Aaaarrrggg?”


Sim (Zombie 2): Aaaarrrgggg…(I’m gonna kick your ass!)” Zombie : Aaaarrrrrgggg…aaarrrggg? (oh shit I’m turning back, see ya!)”


yeah I see that I forgot to go up a level before I shot this…I just got so damn excited! LOL!


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