News from across Sim land

Just want to touch on a few things:

  • Reminder, first of many, on the upcoming Live Broadcast by Maxis on October 9, 2012. You won’t want to miss this one! Sign up here or watch here on 10/9/12
  • Game Update Patch 1.39- There is a new patch for the game, if you haven’t already patched or know what this patch entails. Here is a basic run down. This patch will fix the problems with Zombies spawning after a full moon if you saved your game during a full moon. More info from SimGuruWeb here. Read all the precautions to take prior to patching here.
  • Sims3Fanatics, in which I am a writer for, is looking for more active members in our community and we are also seeking writers. If you are interested contact Nick here. Come be a part of an exciting new Sims3Fanatics where you can get all the latest news, downloads and guides.
  • Simtechforum is putting together a magazine of their very own! Filled with creations from members, a Ask Isla section for anyone who has a question regarding their game (she’s really good with Tech questions), Fashion and more! Look for more info as time draws near to the release of Simplistic!
  • Have you pre-ordered your copy of Seasons? If not do so here to take advantage of the exclusive content Ice Lounge!





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