Can they be friends again?

I spent time with a family I haven’t played in quite some time. The Misfits. If you remember or you are new to my blog here, The Misfits are a group of young adults, three males and two females. All from different backgrounds, all arriving in Hidden Springs on the same day, all not having a place to live. Pooling their simoleons together, they bought a nice cozy little home, got jobs, well most of them did, and started off getting along really well. Until the big blow up between J Newbie and Magdilyn…

J: Maggie, what have you done all day?

Maggie: I worked on my book, laid out in the sun, you know…stuff

J: Ugh…I am sick n tired of always having to come home from a days work at the corporation and find the house a total disaster! You never do anything around here! Then, of course, Chic had to come to the rescue of his gal and started yelling at J for yelling at Maggie…

Chic: You don’t need to be so hard on her, J! You know she does a lot for us around here.

J: Like what Chic! Sit on her duff and eat bon-bons while watching TV?

Chic: Pht…whatever, your royal, business corporate Drone highness. You think your just so darn perfect with your perfect Military boyfriend and your perfect job! Get real.

Then Davon, overhearing what Chic was saying to J, just had to jump in and add his two cents worth.

Davon: At least we do have jobs! You, buddy, sit on your butt all day long, while we are out busting our backs to make sure you have a roof over your head and food on the table! We, my dear friend, are the ones paying the bills.

Chic: You know I’ve looked for work. Nothing suits me, and Maggie don’t seem to mind the company.

Davon: I ain’t goin there with you Chic. Come on J, we’re out of this mess! Let’s see how they fair with only Nick here to support them. If he was smart he’d bail on their dumb asses too.

So Davon and J left to their new home.

9 Azure Lake Ave.

Davon and J are all settled into their new home, making new friends, and making plans for their future. Will the Misfits ever get over the fight and become friends again? Or will they all just go their separate ways. Stay tuned to find out!


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