As some of my readers know, I had to make an emergency trip back to my home State of Michigan, as I had received a phone call from my oldest daughter that my mom had suffered a massive stroke.

I arrived on Tuesday (10/2) evening in Marquette and upon arriving at the hospital where my mom was being treated (in Calumet/Laurium) I learned she was not recovering from the stroke. My mom passed away at 3:30 am Thursday (10/4/12).

I will miss her deeply, miss hearing her voice, see her smile. Her memory now fills my heart.

I will be returning to Louisiana on the 23 and return or try to return to a “normal” life. How does one do this after losing a parent. I still have my dad, and it scares me that eventually I will lose him too. I know life for us all does come to an end, and I am like millions of others who just doesn’t want to think of the day they will have to say a final goodbye to their parents. One just can’t prepare for that day, no matter how inevitable it is.

On a final note to everyone, validate, appreciate and communicate (as the medium John Edward would say) with those who you still have here on this earth. Take the time to push life aside to tell those around you that you love them, cherish them and don’t take them for granted. The day will come when it will be too late to tell them in person.

RIP mom, I love you and I will see you again.


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