Don’t Judge Me…

For how I find the one thing that can help me get through my darkest hour.

The last time I played my game was back in September, just before I got the phone call about my mom. Then if loosing her wasn’t enough, my youngest granddaughter passed away just a few short days ago. While my heart is mending, I found refuge in my game. The one thing that has always been a constant in helping me to de-stress, re-group, escape… from the cold harsh reality we all call life. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to in order to maintain some form of sanity in this insane world/life.

Some people turn to drugs, alcohol, violence. Some people really flip the switch and transform themselves into a completely different person.

Me…I jump into my game when I know my mind and body just can’t take it anymore without me completely loosing control.

This is me…who I am…how I cope with things going on around me. In the end, it may not seem like I’m grieving, believe me I am. I just perfer to do it in my own non-dramatic way, cause I’m not a drama momma and perfer not to make a spectical of myself. This is how I find the answers I’m searching for, as you see, I may be playing my game, but my mind is in constant motion, thinking, analysing, searching.

Don’t judge me for how I grieve, how I work out stress, deal with life.



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