Getting back to normal, somewhat…

I played my game for a bit yesterday, and went shopping for CC today. I found a really nice bedroom set by Severinka, Kids Room ‘Milena’. Beautifully created, brilliant colors and the furniture fits well together, allowing you to create the bedroom any princess or prince would love. Sim princess or prince that is. I also found some patterns off my friends studio. So much talent all around!

As for what I did during game play? Well I spent my entire game play with one family. J Newbie and Devon. They decorated for Halloween, went out on a date, he proposed to her, she had a bachelorette party and then I had to stop as it got late. So here are the pictures I took from my game last night:

I didn’t get any game time in today, I suppose there is always tomorrow. Today I took my daughter to get Serenity’s Urn, did some yard work, trimmed the bushes in front of the homestead, drafted, typed and sent in the Obituary with a picture, ordered pictures for the funeral this week, wrote a news post for Sims3Fanatics and finished decorating my home for Halloween.


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