Next up…

Chapter G4:3 of my legacy, All in a Sims Day Legacy:Generations, has finally been published. I had it written out for the most part, just did some final editing and putting the pic’s in today. If you aren’t familiar with my legacy, you can find it here.

But while I was playing it today, I just had to get this pic:

\((O.O))/ Don’t look under your bed!  As if having a robber wasn’t bad enough, Theo has a….booooogie under his bed! EEEEKKKKK!

Then he fainted. He must of looked under his bed to check for monsters cause this is what I got when I tried to get him to go to sleep:

Haha. Yeah, I wouldn’t sleep in that bed either.

That’s all I’m showing on that. You’ll just have to go read the chapter to see what all went on, is going on.

My next stop was with my family, The Nestle’s. Shane, Hailey, Abby and Pipper.

Hailey is preggy again. Wonder if they will have twins…or…TRIPLETS! ((0.0))

Before the girls all headed out for a girls day out, Abby and Hailey played up in their treehouse. Then it was off for spa day. While Hailey had a much needed massage, Abby enjoyed a manicure and pedicure soak and Pipper took a dip in the pool. Then both girls played in the pool while waiting for mom. Afterwards, they enjoyed some outdoor eats at the local Bistro before going home.

Til next time…Peace out, Be safe and Take care, and remember…Communicate, Appreciate and Validate those in your life today, as you never know what tomorrow will bring.




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