Well this don’t happen often

I usually don’t make a double post in one day, the one earlier I felt needed to be made aware of before I did this post. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a post tonight, either. Most of my game play consisted of redecorating an entire first floor of a house for a Christmas makeover challenge that I will be entering over on Simtech. With it not being due til November 18, I have plenty of time to add my final touches, after Seasons comes out. (Not hard to figure out what that final touch will be, now is it!)

Then I decided I’d spend some time with Amando and Landie. He had a pretty busy day. Lots of sing-o-grams, and he managed to put on a performance in the park and made $385 before rushing off to do some more sing-o-grams. Landie was called in early to work which ran right into her normal shift at the hospital, and she had a vaccination clinic at Bon Bon Lawn where she was able to vaccinate 23 of Sunset Valley’s residents! A job well done. Then it was back to work to finish off her shift.

Let’s follow Armando-

Off to his first sing-o-gram for the day

Time for a quick karaokee sing along

Off to perform anoth sing-o-gram

Heading to the park to take care of two sing-o-grams, sign an autograph from an adoring fan and perform for his fans

Now we’ll check on Landie as she is getting near the end of her vaccination clinic. Looks like she still has quite a few patients

Then it was back to the hospital to finish off her shift

Now I’m bushed. Emotionally drained, plus after getting these two through a full day, I feel like I have put in a 12 hour day! Night!!




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