Game update 1.42 for The Sims 3

Available now through the game launcher, patch 1.42 has fixes and added items to your game. However, as with all the previous patches, this one is no different when it comes to the multitude of players who are experiencing problems. One of those problems is the patch not patching. Surprised? There is a way to overcome this issue. Manual. You will need to patch your game manually if your game gives you the error:”invalid file” or “file not found”. (I got this one, stupid patch.) Then after I patched, well my game ran fine…til I went to shut it down. Then I got that error code 18. A bad file for that family. Most likely caused because I had pulled my mods out for the patch and didn’t put them back in. Whatever the reason, which my brain is just not willing to deal with at the moment, I ended up having to hard shut down my system sd my game wouldn’t shut down either.  Krimminies.

So if you’re having problems patching your game to version 1.42, the nice simmers over at simsvip have the manual patch. You can do either the single region patch or the super patch. (I did the super patch it covers all regions) Hopefully you will have better luck with your game and patching experience.

***Just remember…pull your mods folder out! Don’t “copy” and “paste” it. “CUT” and paste the folder to either another file in your system or to your desktop. If you use mods that are Master Controller or Twallans, wait until these creators update their mods. As well with any sliders, you may use to make your simmies look more “human”. Most creators are pretty good about updating their mods within a couple days.***


4 thoughts on “Game update 1.42 for The Sims 3

    • mamajanaynay says:

      Hi JackalOz! I’m pleased that you have found articles I have placed on my blog helpful. I hope you check back from time to time. If you have any questions about any problems you may have or if any of my links aren’t working, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

  1. meemoo41 says:

    hey i downloaded the update manually i think it’s size was 208 mb . i have 1.38 , i uninstalled my custom content ( didn’t remove them ) and i deleted mods from The sims Folder , But When I installed the game at the end of the installing the installer still says Update error : Invalid File Found .. help please ..

    • mamajanaynay says:

      Hey meemoo41, just so I have all the facts straight, the version you had before updating was 1.38 or did you just update to version 1.38. Also, did the patch completely finish installing before you started up your game?

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