A look at some of the “new” functions with Patch 1.42

So. You’ve heard about the patch, it comes with swimming, diving board, the blueprint mode, but you really aren’t convinced as to whether you should get it or not. I did a couple shots of a couple of these items. Now that I was able to get my game up and running *whew!*.  So lets take a look-see, eh?

First up is the…swimming option now available with the patch. Your sims can now go to the beach and swim in the ocean or lake…no more are they limited to your backyard pools or community pools. *I always hated community pools, people pee in them. EWWWW!*

Next is the Blueprint mode. When you enter into build mode, the blueprint mode will be off to the left of the building thingys, you know the foundation, walls, gates, etc.

This is what the layout of the rooms will look like when you place them on your lot.

Now, if you make a mistake and decide where you put the room it just isn’t going to work for you, the only way that I know how to delete them is to accept and use the hammer to delete to entire room. You can make the rooms larger or smaller once you accept the layout. If you want an upstairs, here is what you do:

  • Add the stairs
  • Go back into blueprint mode and you can now add your pre-made rooms, if you choose to, or make them yourself.

That’s pretty much it. Easy peazy.

This is the finished product of my home made with the blueprint mode. It didn’t come out too bad. I still have some work to do on it, add windows, change windows, etc.


Now for the diving board. Here my girl is going for a dive, then a big splash.

One more thing before I leave for the day, probably won’t get a post in tonight.




4 thoughts on “A look at some of the “new” functions with Patch 1.42

    • mamajanaynay says:

      Not a problem Buttons. Kinda makes you not want to patch! LOL! Some simmers have had these problems, others a different problem, and others none at all. Go figure! For me, it’s like every other patch becomes a pain in my *bleep*! 🙂

      • mamajanaynay says:

        Ikr! I keep hoping one of these days EA will release a patch that will fix all their patches! I’m still waiting for a couple of creators for sliders I use to update or at least post no need to update as it works with this one.

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