New Sims 3 Store Item: Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining

I took the plunge and purchased the new cooking item that is available in the store on TS3, the Chun Co. Tappanyaki Grill. Here is a look at the grill and the cooking functions that are available:

Landie decided to give it a shot and cooked up Tappanyaki Filet Mignon. She did pretty good as it came out as a perfect dish.

This set is on sale right now for 1250 Simpoints until Nov 15, 2012 so if you can get it, you may as well. This would make the perfect addition to any Japanese inspired restaurants. This dining pack comes with 21 additional item. You can find it here. Personally I think it is worth spending those points, as it gives your sims something different to whip up for dinner. Beef…it’s not what’s for dinner tonight! A happy simmie cook, means a happy simmie family or customers!

Of course, while I was visiting with this family for other reasons, not only to add the new grill to their home, I took advantage of seeing what their day turned out to be like. Armando was busy as usual with his sing-o-grams, and he made it to level 8 of his singing career. Yay!

Landie made it to level 5 in the logic skill, before her shift began at the local hospital.

That’s it for today. See ya tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “New Sims 3 Store Item: Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining

    • mamajanaynay says:

      I also have found that I’m not getting as much game play time in as I used to. 😦 After next Wednesday, that time may get cut drastically too. I’m returning to work for one of my old employers. An offer to go good to pass up.

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