Two new lots, A wedding and other

New update on my Sims n things download page! I have made two new lots, Tappanyaki Grill and Karaoke and Happily Ever After (a outdoor wedding lot). Both have been scanned and are free from corrupt items, they are both CC FREE! Even though they are CC Free, I still scan them.

The wedding between J Newbie and Devon Johnson took place yesterday. J already had her bachelorette party and last night Devon finally held his! They also took advantage of the Happily Ever After lot and had their wedding there.

But. I can’t post any pictures as it would appear I deleted them. Not one of my brightest moves, ever!

So now that really shortened up my post. All I have left now is to end it.






4 thoughts on “Two new lots, A wedding and other

  1. buttonsginger says:

    You can go over to Simtech and right click on your image…tick “save images as” …you’ll find it in your downloads….then you can edit your post here and add it. Sorry, if you already know this. I knew so little about my computer when I first started playing ๐Ÿ˜€

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