I went shopping today!

Maybe I should be more clearer. I went shopping in RL, but that was only for supper. My main shopping excursion was for my simmies! And boy did I hit the gold. I have so much downloads to unzip and scan it could take me a while to get through it all. Which prompted me to get this posted now.

Well lets get on with my finds for the day…

Dasha Kirilova has a women’s winter hat out that is to die for. She also recommends that when using this hat, you use aWT’s hat slider. (photo is courtesy of Dasha’s blog site)

I found another hat, Delicate Snowflake winter hat, by Eternila’s Stuff. She also highly recommends aWT’s hat slider. (photo courtesy of Eternila’s Stuff blog site)

Anubis has taken the nightshirt from the stuff pack The Sims 3 Master Suite, and made it into an everyday and maternity wear top. (photo courtesy of Ace Creators)

I found a lot of seasonal clothing at All about Style.

Sweater outfit, Sweater Coat, VS Pink yoga pant and lounge/sweat pant, Cable knit sweater, Fair isle sweater, Tiger knit sweater. Plus I’m sure you will find others you may be interested in. (Photo’s courtesy of All about Style)

And last but not least. I want to mention SimGuru Graham’s blog post about winter. “Winter chills bring Seasons thrills!” He takes us on a walk through of the season winter and what we can expect. From building igloo’s, making snowmen to skating on a frozen lake. He lets out a few surprises or hints of what can happen during the winter of some unexpected guests, how to add those festive lights to your house to celebrate the winter festival, Snowflake Day. Just don’t get greedy with those gifts! After reading this blog, it just intensifies the wanting of this pack to come out NOW!You must read the blog for yourself to see just what all the season of winter will have in store for your sims! You can find, “Winter chills bring Seasons thrills” here. (photos courtesy of SimGuruSemedi [Graham Nardone])


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