Are you looking for unique lots?

If you are one of those simmers who looks for unique lots to either add to your game or possibly mention in a magazine, I have a simmer friend who has been an avid sims player since TS2 days. Quiet on TS3 until lately (and after having to recreate their account), simmer Selims123 has a few lots you may be interested in. I found them to be very unique in style and shape, not your typical lots. Below is a small photo of them, courtesy of Selims123’s studio on TS3, and the direct exchange link to download them. **You will need to have an account on TS3 in order to download these creations**

Lo Carb Gym by Selims123


The Jade Mosque by Selims123

Public Library by Selims123

Free your Mind Arts Center by Selims123

And a home. Country home by Selims123

And there you have it. A simmer who’s designs are worth watching!

That’s all I have for today, it was a rather busy day in RL for me, so I wasn’t able to get any actual game in today. Have an excellent night all!


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