I have an Important message to pass along

This is for everyone who has downloaded the super patch. If you’re having problems with your game crashing, and you don’t have the crash analyzer, 1) you may want to go to mod the sims to download this tool just to make sure there isn’t another problem causing your game to crash, such as: DEP (Data Execution Program) or corrupt CC.  or 2) launch your game to the launcher ONLY! now on the very bottom you will see all of the ep’s and sp’s you have installed, including the base game. Click or hover over each of those icons and see if the version they are match these versions:

base game:

World Adventures  2.17.2011031

High End Loft


Fast Lane

Late Night

Outdoor Living Stuff


Town Life


Master Suite


Katy Perry Sweet Treats



If they don’t match these versions, then you will want to go here to download the patch downloader by FordGT90Concept over at mod the sims. (This is the updated version)  Down load it. DO NOT PUT IN YOUR GAME!  Right click on the file you downloaded, and select ‘extract here’ so the file is in the same place your download went in. (you can delete the .rar file you unzipped). Now you should have an icon that looks like this:

Double click on the icon and allow the program. The next box that pops up will have all of the ep/sp’s you have installed. you can click on either of the boxes to download the version patches simulatiously or separately.

And that’s it! You’re done! Now, keeping fingers crossed, your game will no longer crash due to versions not matching.

***REMEMBER, AFTER DOING THIS, YOU CAN IF YOU WISH, DELETE ALL THE “CACHE” FILES, SO WHEN YOU START YOUR GAME BACK UP IT STARTS OUT REFRESHED WITH BRAND NEW CACHE FILES. *** (If you aren’t sure which ones are safe to delete, visit my Helpful tips and tools page, which is above the banner)

Whew! That was a brain workout for the day. Hope this helped anyone, and have a super simming saturday!





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