I was in the zone…and then…

BAM…everything gone. My game crashed, which it hasn’t done since…since I got my new pc. So I ran the crash analyzer, off to modthesims to download the updated version, unzipped it and then ran the new one. AH-HA! Just as I thought. As soon as I read World Adventures, High End Loft…I knew it had to do with the versions of those packs. So it was off to modthesims again. This time to download the patch downloader. Now my game is all better…I hope. (Hence the earlier post today) Haven’t had the opportunity to test ‘er out yet, I went out car shopping! This time not for my simmies…but for me! Yay! No luck in finding one to my liking…but as long as it isn’t a Toyota (which is what I have now and have had nothing but headaches for the past 3-4 years) I will be happy.

Anyways…I wanted to do this post now instead of tomorrow as I plan on getting many more hours of game play in. I need to get my next chapter up in my legacy.  But before my game so rudely crashed on me, I was able to get some shots in on the greeting card option that came with the latest patch.  If you haven’t already done this or know how to do to the greeting card.

First go to map view, click on City Hall. There you will find in the options, is ‘Take greeting card photo’ or ‘Take greeting card photo with…’

Click on the option you want then it’s off to City Hall. My gal J and her new hubby Devon were my first simmies to do the greeting card photo. So it was off to City Hall.

They took their photo, then headed off to home, where Devon decided to read up on mechanics a little more. J set out their new family photo. (Not only do you have the option to post your greeting card to your wall and share it on Facebook or Twitter, but you also get the option of posting a greeting card on a friends wall on TS3.)

To place the photo on your lot, go into the “backpack”

Then place your photo on a table or dresser




J told Devon he’s going to be a daddy

He looks pretty happy with the news…

That’s where I left off with that family. I then popped in on my new sim, Calinda, but first my game froze, I hard shut down my pc, started everything back up went into play Calinda again, it froze for a second, then….well you know what happened.

So now I’m done and off to tidy up the homestead and then……………………………….

See ya on the flip side of tomorrow


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