Let the rumors begin and game play

If you haven’t heard the rumor, you might be interested to know that according to the folks over on SimsVip, it’s been rumored on several other sites what the next expansion pack, or so I’m assuming, will be none other than the little hint that was exposed (and kinda put SimGuru Ryan in a tight spot) on the Maxis live broadcast a while back. Have any clues? If you guessed University, then your right. However, these rumors have the pack listed under different names, such as The Sims 3 Move in the Faculty and The Sims 3 Move in School. It is also rumored that this pack is slated to be released sometime in March 2013, along with three editions: Standard, Limited and Plus. Check it out for yourself and decide whether you’re going to believe these rumors or just wait for the official announcement.

  We’re getting down to the wire here folks, if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of The Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack, time is about to expire! Only two days left till it is released here in the United States.

And now for some game play. I started working on a house last night right after I signed off of here. I finally finished it today and managed to get some game time in. The house is in Bridgeport, and lets see if you can recognize the spot where I built it. *Here is a hint- it’s built where a community lot was*

Any guesses? Well here’s the answer to the location where I built my house.

That’s my house, it belongs to Calinda Lopez, who is now on her way to being a Vocal Legend. Her stage name is – Hunny Lo, and this is what two of her day’s were like.

Up early and off to become a singing sensation

First stop is Mick’s, where not only did she land herself a singing gig (sing-o-grams), she also found her first love. How sweet.

What’s with the picture bubbles with the hearts around them? This is why…

And they did. Both are flirty and boy did they flirt, which after a while Cali just took a chance and had her first kiss, which was accepted.

The next day she went to the Bistro and then it was off to one of the local dance clubs. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time, including dancing on the bar and tables. She met a lot of people from Bridgeport that night and gain two star celebrity status. I would have to say the past two days for her where pretty darn good days. She got a job and is on her way to being a Legend, found her first love, became a celebrity and made some new friends. Lets just hope Bridgeport continues to be a welcoming town for Calinda to call home.




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