A look into Seasons part 1

You may be wondering why part 1. Well, it could take me days to get to experience most of what this expansion pack has to offer. Time just was not being my friend today and everybody and their uncle had decided today was going to be the day to ask me to do every blessed thing under the sun they could think of.  But here is what I have done once launching my game and familiarizing myself with Seasons.

There are two ways to edit the seasons. First is through the menu button,( before you go into any worlds.) Options —> weather. There you can set the tone of seasons across the board in all your worlds, if you don’t want different weather tones in each one. Second is in each world. Menu —> options —> weather. I have set my weather in Sunlit Tides to be for a more southern atmosphere.

I had edited it a little further after this shot to have Sunlit Tides resemble a more tropical world.

You will also be given the opportunity to place the festival park in your world. If you have Supernatural installed, you will also get the weather stone, and a message like this

You can view the forcast through the tv, newspaper, computers and laptops

Speaking of Sunlit Tides, I had a hail storm come through

And this poor sap, er I mean sim, got stuck out in it, good thing he had his umbrella!

As the day of the festival draws near, you will get messages alerting you that it is coming. In the employment tab the day Sunday will be circled in red

Here’s a look at one of the festival parks, some items that can be put in those parks or any park, and the tanning booth

In this one I have a horseshoe pit, rollerskate rink, the area for holding water balloon fights and ice cone cart.

I put a tanning booth in Barney’s Styling Salon. (the tanning booth can be found under entertainment (in buy mode) –> misc.

And this last one is of the holday lights. Just click on the front door for the option. There are two different types you can decorate your house with, strand and string. You can change the lights to different pre-set colors or make your own customized colors.

Oh and I saw my first alien!

Unfortunately, that’s all I have for tonight. I wish I had more, but as I said in the beginning, everyone around me seemed to be really dependent today and time just wasn’t being my friend.

But I will leave you with this shot of the sun setting in Sunlit Tides. I thought it was just gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “A look into Seasons part 1

    • mamajanaynay says:

      I will have more to post later tonight. I was able to get the Luxury Day festival and Fall one. Now it’s winter in my world so I have some shots of that but the winter festival is still days away.

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