A look at Seasons part 2

Winter can be a beautiful time of year. Whether you live in the tropics or live where you are bound to see snow. So in The Sims 3, the winter season is really no different. Your sims are bound to have fun regardless as to whether they live in Sunset Valley or Sunlit Tides.

In this part, I will show you the start of winter right on through throwing that new party option that is available, the Gift Giving party to kissing under the mistletoe to the whole town getting in on the house light decoration and some of the new activities, like snowboarding and ice skating.

First up is getting those lights on your house. click on any exterior door of your home to get these options:

And now on to the festivities of the season. What would this time of the year be like without some good ole mistletoe? It’s the perfect excuse to get that kiss from that someone your sim has been glancing at.

Whoever is around your sim will show up in the next menu when clicking on the mistletoe.

Now for some outdoor fun! Snowboarding anyone? If that’s not your sims speed then how about some ice skating…on a frozen pond? Still not daring enough? Then send your sims into the refreshingly icy cold lake for a dip and a chance to prove themselves to the esteemed Polar Bear Club. Then take a flop back or face first if your sim is a daredevil, into the snow and make a snow angel. Roll, roll, roll your snowball into a jolly giant! Or better known as the snowman. But wait…there’s more! What would a beautiful crisp cold snowday from school (or work) be if there wasn’t at least one snowball fight!

There is so much to do, so much fun to be had by your sims…one thing is for sure. Once you put seasons into your world, your sims lives will never be the same. Plus mix supernaturals and seasons? That’s a whole new experience just waiting for you. Well I’m off to play my game, have some fun with some extended seasons (I shortened these up to get these ones posted) and just veg into a whole new world.

Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “A look at Seasons part 2

    • mamajanaynay says:

      LOL! I know what you mean. If it wasn’t for my car breaking down, I wouldn’t of gotten in this much time! Luckily I’m still going through “training” at my new (old) job and don’t really have a schedule. I’ve lengthened my seasons now, after getting winter done and spent yesterday (all day! WOOHOO! That hasn’t happened in a loooong time.) playing. Planning on a repeat today! I’m a gonna try really, really hard to NOT let RL get in my way! Haha.

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