Two days of game play wrapped up in one nice little post :)

Just to let you know, I most likely won’t get any posting, much less any game time in this coming week. It’s the beginning of the Christmas rush, especially Black Friday, and that means, work…work…work. In retail that means full time hours for at least the next month! So I played my butt off this weekend. All day yesterday, and most of today. Then I decided I’d better check in on a couple sites, upload my new avi to The Sims 3 exchange and do my, 201st post here!

So lets get going with this then. I have just a couple things I would like to include in the winter and summer seasons. First, when The Sims 3 developers came up with the idea of doing this expansion pack, they really went out of their way right down to the little details, such as; the snow wisps behind your car, the rain water tail behind a bike.

I played two families last night or actually all day yesterday. The Nestle family in Sunlit Tides and Lawrence family in Hidden Springs. Lets check up on the Lawrence family and see what went on in their little corner of sim-world.

Looks like J learned how to make a new kind of (creepy) snowman…grim. Oh yeah, there is a new member to the family, other than the expecting little one in J’s tum-tum, her sister moved in. Eileena. Looks like she is having a blast helping little Quincy make a snowman…aw nephew and auntie bonding time.Triple rainbows over Hidden Springs. (Hahaha. I almost said Hidden Valley!)

Now lets take a hop-skip-and jump over to Sunlit Tides, where it’s hot-hot-HOT! As it is still summer there.

Okay…Recap! Top to bottom–> One of the daily forcasts you can now get from the TV, newspaper or computer, full moon setting over the water, rainbow over Sunlit Tides and sunset during a thunderstorm. Relaxing on the floating device, results from the tanning booth, (if you ask me, she don’t look any darker than when she went in there), hotdog eating contest (thank God no one died during this one!), and one of the twins is partner skating with another sim.

Alright, we are up to today! I made a new sim, well actually I made two new sims. One is up on The Sims 3 exchange as I wanted to change my avi on there. {They really need to come up with a better way for us to update our avi’s on there without having to upload a new sim every blessed time. } OOOPPS! Did I say that out loud? The sim I have up on the exchange is living in the Lawrence home. The other sim I made today, well, she has taken up residence in Riverview. Lets see how things are going for her.

Now on to the explaination as to what went on. First off, no she didn’t change into a man. Whew…glad I got that cleared up. That dude is Billy Caspian. Ah…some may be wondering why that name sounds so familiar. Thats because he is the same Billy Caspian who married my first generation legacy gal Serenity Grace. Well, he isn’t the same one. But anyways. Back to the current thing here. Story time! Landie Paul, that’s my girl, moved to Riverview, today, with her German Shepherd, Shep. She took him for a walk into town, man that was a slow way to get there, he stopped a sniffed the ground every five steps! Once she arrived in town the first stop was at the main park. She decided to greet some of the locals, that’s where she met Billy in front of the movie theater. Then she invited him and another gal out for dinner. The next day, Billy showed up, she put the moves on, he likes her dog, her dog likes him, she fed him lunch, cause after all a way to a mans heart is through his stomach right? Anywho. Billy ends up spending the night. The next morning he spends to bonding time with shep, then decided he is going to fill up on ice cream and deep fried ice cream, makes himself sick, he goes and throws up and bam what does he do? EATS MORE ICE CREAM! Dude, you’re an idiot! What could she possibly see in this guy! He eats any more ice cream and he’s going to blow up like a blow fish! Anyways. They go off on a date that night to the Ice Lounge. She drank, which I don’t blame her one bit- I’d drink too if my guy ate like a horse! They slow danced, he steps on her feet, ox, she goes and has another drink and then listens to a ghost story. Then they went back to her house and she said “Goodnight”. End of date. End of game play for the day.

But I have a few other things I’d like to show before I leave for the week and go deal with RL. (ICK)


I do have to admit, in a way it is kinda cute, but not for everyday wear!

WOWZERS BATMAN! Those are some BIG eyes you’ve got there young lady! I was playing around in CAS, decided to mess around with the alien eye sliders…LMAO!

****NOTE:  I will be putting Landie Paul up for download. Just not this week. I have to get my list of CC used and creators before putting her up and listing her here.***

Well goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. and all that jazz. Have a super week. And if I don’t get a chance to post anymore this week…

Peace out, be safe, and take care.


4 thoughts on “Two days of game play wrapped up in one nice little post :)

  1. buttonsginger says:

    Wow! It looks like you had so much fun 😀 I laughed out loud so many times. I totally forgot about the Ice Lounge…I’ll have to remember to place that….if i ever play long enough to get to Winter. I most likely will have to start a new save and make and set it for Winter only 😛 Have a nice Thanksgiving 😀

    • mamajanaynay says:

      With everything that has happened in my family and going on, I don’t know if you seen my recent topic under Real Life chat on Simtech, I really needed to spend some time in game. It’s my escape from reality, even if for a little while. We all need that escape route every now and then. I wish you and yours a joyous and safe Thanksgiving 🙂

      • buttonsginger says:

        No, I haven’t seen your recent topic. I’ve hardly had time to keep up with all my email notifications the last couple weeks. I am glad you were able to escape in your game for a bit. I honestly don’t know what I’d do with out my Sims….the creative out let is wonderful plus being able to forget (or at least not think about) your RL troubles for a while keeps me sane. 😀

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