Oh boy. It just had to happen.

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

I just have to show you what happened in my game tonight! But instead of telling you the story, I’m pretty sure the pictures will speak for themselves. Sooo. Here we go. This is Landie Paul and her adventure that she took.

Time of abduction

Return time

So. I guess you can pretty much tell what happened, and we all know what happens when our sims get abducted by an alien. How is she going to manage to explain this one to her new hubby!

As I was scoping out the alien spacecraft. I happened across this little gizmo stuck to his ship.

See the kitty? LOL!

Other than that little bit of excitement, I also bought the basketball hoop, basketball arcade game, a bedroom set and other stuff. So with all those new fancy games, along with new things to do that came with Seasons. I built a venue. This one is split in two tho. An indoor and an outdoor. The indoor one has arcade games, the rock climbing wall (oh yeah got that today too), a small “kitchen” area and a tv room.

The outside one has all the outdoor activities, skating, basketball, horse shoe pits, roller skate rink, snowboard half pipe, the broom arena and soccer nets.  Didn’t score on any pictures of that one yet.

I was watching my sim do some training on the rock wall. Look at her legs!

((O.0)) I don’t think their legs are suppose to do that funky weird thing she was doing. ROFL!

I’m off to catch some much needed z’s. See again tomorrow! Yay! Another day off, how did that happen?



3 thoughts on “Oh boy. It just had to happen.

    • mamajanaynay says:

      I’m going to assume she came back preggo. Wonder if she will have an alien baby? I remember them saying during one of the broadcasts that we can’t “create” aliens, so to speak, but if our sims get knocked up by one….guess we shall see! I just thought of something! That would make an awesome story for a legacy!

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