So it was a busy day off for me. Laundry, grocery shopping (now I’m flat broke for two weeks :() but I was able to get my two sims uploaded to Mediafire and posted here. 🙂

Lanie Paul and Eileena Par are now available for download. Hmmm. I think when I get the time, I’m going to do some male sims, maybe even a few teen sims for download.


Now for some things that I did do today during my oh so ever limited game play.

I popped into the Lawrence family for a bit. It’s still winter there and boy ol man winter was really whipping up a storm on them.


J became a adult, and got so upset about it, she checked herself in the mirror to see if she was getting wrinkles

Screenshot-279Screenshot-280Screenshot-281I’m taking it that her reaction means she didn’t like what she discovered in the mirror.

Eileena enjoyed a friendly snow ball fight with nephew Quincy


The paperazzi even gave skating on their pond a try. Then they had a late night visitor, who decided to chat it up with another paperazzi member.

Screenshot-278Screenshot-283Screenshot-284Hm. Wonder what that alien is scanning for?

I also popped in on my legacy family and was able to get the next chapter posted,G:5. Head on over and check it out.

Peace out, be safe and take care. ♥




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