The twins are teens

I’ve had this post in my saved drafts for a few days now and decided I’d better take advantage of the late work time schedule for today to finish it up and get it posted.

What’s worse than dealing with one teen with anger issues? Two with teen anger issues! My twins Abby and Pipper Nestle have grown up and are now teenagers. If these two are anything like the teenager I have in RL, I feel sorry for Shane and Hailey. Only time will tell what these two twins will be like.

Pipper NestleAbbie Nestle

Pipper is sporting an outfit by Lorandiasims3 and sandles by Elexis “meridia” hair by Anubis360

Abby is sporting a skirt and legging set from TS3 store, the top I can’t locate the creator, boots by Anubis-Artemis boots

***Unfortunately, unless I put the whole family up for download, or go through a whole mess of time consuming crap, which I have no time for at the moment, these two are not up for download. If or when I have an opportunity, I may go through the steps to get these two up for download. ***

In other happenings. Shane was trying to do the slam-dunk at the basketball hoop, but failed the first few tries.

Screenshot-296Screenshot-293Ouch, that oughta hurt.

But it’s time for some eats and then off to work I go. Late night with a early morning turn around.


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