Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Hope your Christmas was delightful and safe. Here is Southern Central Louisiana, we had a round of severe weather run through, sparking torrential rains and tornado’s. Fortunately the town in which I live in, came through without any damage or tornado’s, but the town 10 miles north of us, wasn’t so fortunate. During the rough weather, I did manage to spend some time relaxing and doing what I like to do best…playing my game. I made it to two days away from Snowflake day and had to quit, due to I need to get around and get ready for a short slumber before I need to be back into work tomorrow morning.

So what happened in my game today? Well, lets see here. Quincy had his first ever snow day!

first snow dayScreenshot-327Yup, looks pretty blizzardy to me!

During the day, the weather cleared, the sun came out and Quincy and Eileena went out for a snowball fight.

Screenshot-331Screenshot-330Quincy loves to spend time outdoors and being a little chilly out didn’t stop him from playing in his tree house.


Eileena mastered skating. Didn’t know there was the ability to do that! 😀

master skating

And what the world is going on with that snowman?


Well that’ll about do it for tonight. See ya in a few days, planning on getting the new world, Monte Vista on Friday so look for me to do a post on what this new world is all about. Till then…

Peace out, Be safe and Take care!


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