Monte Vista

Here is a look at Monte Vista, the new world released by The Sims 3 and is available for download for the purchase price of $20.00 (Includes 100 bonus simpoints) or $35.00 (Includes 1900 bonus simpoints).

This post will just to familiarize yourself with the world and buildings. I included both eagle eye view and upclose shots of some of the area.

Monte Vista 1Monte Vista 2Monte Vista 3Monte Vista 4Monte Vista 5Monte Vista 6

And now lets take a stroll into Monte Vista…

Restful Mausoleum


Scuola Simatic- school


A walk through the center of town, the first shot is through a path enterance and ends looking out of the main drive enterance.


Doctor Simana’s Sanatorium-Hospital and Science lab


Sunlit Stride Park


Sianciato Spa


In my next post I will include more of Monte Vista and all it has to offer your sims. So stay tuned for another featured post! For now, I’m off to spend some much needed and deserved quality time with my sim in Monte Vista.


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