Monte Vista part 2 and Thank You!

First of all I want to thank everyone, again, who has come to my blog! I made 3000 views before the end of 2012! WOOHOO!

Second I want to show a few things that are available with Monte Vista. Like the premium content the wood oven stove. This neat stove gives your sim the ability to not only increase their cooking skill, but gives your sim a bunch of new and exciting things to make and serve. Such as country bread, extra cheesy pizza (yum), my all time favorite kind of pizza, pepperoni! Plus many others.

woodstove oven

Your sim will actually knead the dough,


toss it


and then place it on the oven spatula and slide it into the oven

Screenshot-360And at last you will have something scrumptious for your sim(s) to eat. This is the extra cheese pizza.


The oven can be placed indoors or out, your choice.

Now you will also get some new moodlets:

moodlet 3 moodlet 4  new moodletnew moodlet 2

That’ll about cover it for Monte Vista! Hope you have enjoyed the introduction to Monte Vista, the premium content available, new recipes and moodlets.

Oh and…


Hope this year will be exciting, full of game play time, less headaches (from your game) and love, hope and peace!



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