Zombies, fairies, werewolves and more

That’s right, this post will be on zombies, fairies, werewolves and the “more” will come later. Now for the zombies, fairies and werewolves. These are from my gaming today.

Did you know zombies love to dance? Of course you must know that! It would seem this one (to the left in the pic) loves a chance to…zombie down?


And they take a dip in a pool to cool off. Wait…what? Zombies like to swim????


Apparently the eat ice cream too!


What the heck! Is that werewolf chasing my fairy?


((O.O)) Oh my…looks like he’s going in for the kill


Actually, none of that happened. Fairies and werewolves don’t wear roller skates or skates for that matter when in either rink. Fairies fly around the rinks and werewolves, well what else would they do…run. It just so happened they were so instinct when I took these shots. Amazing what you can do with the right moment for a screenshot!

The fairy in the above shot happens to be the husband of the human girl in the rink. And they had a baby…

Screenshot-446How cute! A baby fairy! Awwwwwe.

As a toddler, the wings become more noticeable


Remember my friend who did the series Emma? Well he’s back with another series. Check out his latest project, Rhythms, Sims 2 movie.

In the near future, I will be adding another download page to the top. This one will consist of a project I’m currently in the process of learning. Stay tuned to see what I’ve been up to!


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