Spring is in the air, a look at the Season Spring in TS3

One of the seasons I didn’t touch on is the season Spring. We all love spring, winter time blues go away, the flowers and trees start to bloom, it starts to warm up and, in the sims case, the Spring Festival rolls into town.

spring festival

Send your sims to the festival and have them pucker up at the kissing booth, whether they are on the receiving end or the giving, they are sure to have a great time.


And get a new moodlet when getting that smooch at the kissing booth:

moodlet from kissing booth

Bring your wee ones and teenagers too and have them participate in the egg hunt!

Screenshot-477Screenshot-478moodlet from finding festival egg

Why not try your hand at the Love Tester? See what your results will be!


read out from love tester

options for love testerScreenshot-490results from pair

How about grabbing your sweetie and taking a slow twirl around the floor (not to mention just having the excuse to hold them close ;)) or show the town your hot new moves by tearing up the dance floor.


Of course there is always the good ole game of horseshoes.


Aside from all the fun, festivities, your world will transform right before your very eyes. At the beginning of Spring, the snow melts away to just a small trace over the ground and rocky terrain. Within a few days, it’s all green. Tree’s are starting to sprout leaves.


You will also notice, that during Spring, when the temps outside are below or around freezing, all ponds will freeze over


The windows will frost up


And frost will appear on the ground outside. Your sims will also leave footprints in the frost and kick up water when walking.


I hope you have enjoyed this look into the season Spring and look forward to experiencing this season yourself both in game and in RL.


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