A look at The Sims 3 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff Pack~Edited

Not sure if you want to get the latest stuff pack? Want to know what is included in it? I’m about to give you a pretty good look at what you will find inside this SP from clothing, hair, makeup to furniture and decor’.

Male Clothing: Screenshot-491Screenshot-492Screenshot-530Screenshot-531Screenshot-532Screenshot-533

Female clothing:


Dual hairstyles: First two are for both male and female (only showing the female, no need for duplicating them)


Now for just the females:



Now onto to the makeup:


I will now take you on a walk through the decor’, furnishings and entertainment:



New music options in CAS:

new favorite music

disco       Rap          Rock

That’s pretty much it for this SP. I haven’t been able to download the premium content, Pinball Machine, code issues. Been on the phone most of the day with EA. 😦

Finally able to register the code for the Pinball Machine and one light I forgot to include!

Screenshot-536options for foosballScreenshot-537


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