Aurora Skies, University Life blog posting and Live Broadcast

Aurora Skies is the newest world being released by The Sims 3 and will be available for purchase via SimPoints on Feb. 21, 2013. Like all worlds created by The Sims 3, you will be able to have seasons, the ONLY worlds that don’t share seasons are the World Adventure (ep) worlds. This world looks pretty awesome and from the little bit of pictures I’ve seen has a small resemblance to Sunlit Tides, it appears to be a rather smaller world than Sunlit Tides. According to the forum post on it, it will not be available in retail stores, just The Sims 3 store; there will be a standard and gold edition; you can gift this world. For more information go here and here. aurora_sky_news1

AP Brittany Henry has a blog post she did on University Life and campus activities. Or the fact that your sim may want to spend some time attending class instead of hitting all those parties. Check out what she has to say on this upcoming anticipated ep here!


And last of all, The Sims 3 will be hosting another Live Broadcast on February 14, 2013 @ 10:00 am PST.  We will see another demo on UL and at first look at the next new ep to be released this coming summer/spring- Island Paradise. You remember from an  earlier posting, this is the pack where you will be able to build a houseboat, drive your boat or game created boat, scuba diving! Reserve your spot for this broadcast here! You won’t want to miss it!


As always I will have my own little rendition of what happens and what was said during the broadcast. Depending on my work schedule for that day I may get to watch it live but if not I will be watching the playback and reporting it here!

Hope you enjoyed this little news to know catch up on what’s taking place out there in the land of The Sims. So much going on, so little time to soak it all in and one last thing….


Bye! I’m off to do school runs, check in on some other sites, then sit back and enjoy my day off, play some game, do some ad work and grab some pic’s for my next chapter in my legacy, which will be released today!

Peace out, Be safe and Take care~Mamaj



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