The craziest thing happened today

While I was playing my game. I had just loaded up one of my families, the one from Monte Vista. When I left them, they were having a party or I should say had a party but when they went to sleep, some of the guests hung around. It was mid morningish, when my gal finally woke up to tend to the babies and just the craziest thing happened. One of the guests just spontaneously combusted into flames! It was sunny out, no lightening, and…she wasn’t a vampire. But they don’t combust into flames anyways, they just smolder in the sun.


Screenshot-618Is this sim for real?

Plus like she couldn’t go jump in the pool to put herself out? There is one right behind  her!


So to be a good samaritan, I woke my guy up and sent him down to put the girl out.

What? I told him to PUT HER OUT, not do fairy crap!


Finally! He makes an attempt to extinguish the poor gal before she burns to death.


But he failed. So what did he do next? He went into the house and called the firefighters. Like dude, you couldn’t use your cell phone????


They came and put the girl out. Whew! I thought I was going to have another death by…on my hands! **By the way. She was on fire for a loooong time. Wonder where the grim reaper was???????**




Well, there you have it. I get some of the most randomist, craziest off the wall crap happen in my game! It’s no wonder I love playing it so much!! 😀



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