Live Broadcast Feb. 14, 2013

Good morning! Go grab a cuppa coffee, have a seat and we will get this show on the road.

This round of the Live Broadcast a live alpha-beta demo was given of the new expansion pack coming our way on June 25, 2013-SimGuruRyan let that little tid bit slip out-by SimGuruGraham. In this demo he showed a bit of what the world will look like, it’s a tropical world with one main island with many smaller ones that your sims will be able to explore or live on. He also showed two of the features; the houseboat that will be completely customizable and there will be many sizes to choose from. The one he showed was a small three store square structure and it was motorized. You will be able to drive your houseboats or drive one of the speed boats or jet skies that will come with the pack. As mentioned in an earlier post on the last broadcast when they let this world leak out, there will be scuba diving and snorkeling for your sims to do and yes, you go under the water with them. Hope you’re not one of those people who get sea sick! There will be a new type of lot-the port, where your sim can dock their houseboat and ladders, so you don’t have to put the conventional staircases in your houseboats or even in your land homes, if you prefer. You will be able to put basements in the hull of your houseboat for added living space. and there will be the option of building your homes on land and over the beach/water by building your homes on stilts. Another feature with this expansion pack will be the ability to make this world to your liking. Do you want to just sit back and maybe open up a little straw pub on the beach (this is right up my alley, I’d love to own a little pub/bar on the beach) or build and live in a ritzy resort complete with water slides, waterfalls, the works, by Resort building and Resort management. This was also mentioned before, the concept to the resort management is for popularity which will equal the amount of patrons to your resort which will influence how much revenue your resort takes in. So in other words: the more popular your resort is, the more people (sims) will come to your resort = lots and lots of simoleons for your sim! Seasons will be fully functional in this world. Island Paradise is available now for pre-order, and if you pre-order from Origin like always there are the extra goodies you get.

ts3ip_screenshot_01_656x369 ts3ip_screenshot_03_656x369 TS3IP-450x197

Next up was SimGuruMegan and SimGuruSmitty, who gave a live demo on the new world being released next week, Feb. 21,2013 to The Sims 3 store, Aurora Skies. This world is based on the Norwegian demographics with a touch of modern. There will be two editions of this world made available in the store-the standard and Gold. With the Gold edition not only will you get the hot air balloon but you will also get the premium content; the playpen and walker. The playpen and walker are fully functional. Your toddler sims will learn the logic skill and learn how to walk in the walker. In the playpen your toddler will learn the charisma skill and teach themselves how to talk via one of the two mirrors in the playpen. Up to two toddlers can be in the playpen at one time. Great for if your sims have twins! The hot air balloons will float and fly. Seasons will be fully functional in this world. They have also brought back another of the families from The Sims 2, The Beakers!

auroraskies_blog1 auroraskies_blog4 auroraskies_blog5

I just love the way they added in the Northern Lights in the sky! Something I really do miss.

And last was SimGuruBritt and SimGuruLauren who were to give a live demo on University Life which is being released on March 5, 2013, but due to some technical problems they were unable to present the demo. Just to highlight some of what was touched on, here is the run down:

– Seasons will be fully functional in this world. You can customize it to where the season in University is different from your sims home world.

– Your sims will be able to attend lectures for classes they are enrolled in, so no, I’m sorry but in order to graduate and get in a higher position of your sims desired career, they will need to attend class, do projects and yada, yada, yada, in order to obtain that degree, to jump to a high position. Bummer…I know.

– Your sims can go back as often as they wish to obtain every degree available in University. Great for those sims who want to experience many different jobs, but not actually settle for just one or retire from one in specific.

– Plant sims! Yep, just like in The Sims 2, there will be plant people. And yes, your sim can turn into one too.

– The smartphones. Many different features for this phone, not only just for taking pics of your sim and their buddies doing random crazy sim stuff, but they will also be able to text!

– Lot of new objects will be available along with CAS items. Those will be shown at a later date when they re-do the demo.

Then SimGuruRyan mentioned the final stuff pack to be made. It will be coming later this year and contain Movie Making items. From costumes to movie sets. He also mentioned the WIP of the next expansion to come out, also later this year, the ability to send your sims into the future.

Want to see the broadcast? No problem…go here.


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