SuperPatch !!!!!UPDATE 2/25/13!!!!!!

Super Patch for version 1.50 is available. Currently The Sims are still working on fixing their own patch.

When downloading the Super Patch, you need to make sure you are downloading the correct region. Not sure how to find what your region is?

This is how to tell what your region is. Each version will end in a number. 1=US etc.


Download only the region you need. You do not need to download them all.

Remember to do the necessary things, pull mods, delete your cache files, and all that jazz. Hope this works if you are downloading it! I’ll let you know as I am off to download it myself!

****runs back—-forgot to give you guys the link! Oopsy! Go here to download the SuperPatch. Bye I’m seriously off now…

Update as of 8:04 pm CST:

Twallan has not updated Master Controller yet. I have checked the site for Awesome mod and it would appear it hasn’t been updated yet either. Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone.

Update as of Thursday 2/21/2013 *****Twallan has updated MasterController and various other mods on 2/24/13, if you downloaded a version marked 1.50-you need to re-check and download it again to the current corrected 1.50 version*******

Twallan’s MC (MasterController) along with many other mods of his have been updated!

Here is the list of the ones he has updated as of today:

******The regular update via the launcher is available for PC users. It has been fixed. This is a big patch and The Sims team has said that there will be a smaller version coming out if you prefer to wait for that one. Mac users, final tests are being done before issueing this patch to you. ******


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