So much to do…so little time to do it

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been off here for a wee bit, busy with work (prepping for inventory), getting my article done for Simtech’s mag, Simplistic Magazine; and hadn’t had much time to actually play. BUT I have this next week off from work, just in time for University Life to come out….IN TWO DAY’S! Ya!!!!! So excited! Did you happen to catch the demo by SimGuruBritt and Lauren? If not, you can watch it here! It’s your last chance to see more of UL before it gets released this Tuesday in the US and later in the week to those across the pond. You still have time to pre-order from Origin and score on not only the Party Pack but also the School Spirit Pack!

Attention Mac users, The Sims 3 has released your patch version for the latest patch-1.50, in case you didn’t already know. Sorry for not getting this little mention out when it was posted, again work has taken much of my time this past week.

Lets see…is there anything else I am forgetting. Oh yeah. I have a new bunch or household (including the house) that I will be putting up in the downloads section hopefully sometime today. Warning: This bunch is a wee bit on the mature side and was made for playing not so nice and sweet, if you catch my drift. And it comes loaded with CC goodies. That’s why it will take me some time to make this download available here, getting all those links for CC on sims and in/on the house.

Now for a bit on the newest world released by The Sims 3. Aurora Skies.

Here is a glance at the world

Screenshot-746 Screenshot-747 Screenshot-748 Screenshot-749 Screenshot-750 Screenshot-751 Screenshot-752 Screenshot-753 Screenshot-754 Screenshot-755

As you can see, it is a fairly small world, not many open lots and not many area’s that are “lot placement” friendly. The Waterfalls are magnificent, the attention to detail with steam coming off the ponds or lakes (whatever) is superb-see below. However. The Hot Air Balloon, leaves a “What?” when it comes to flying. It will hover, your sims can sight see, pop open a bottle of ‘juice’, woohoo. But to fly…well when selecting this option you will be directed to select a destination. Once selected your sims in the balloon will just appear in that spot. I was actually hoping to be able float across the world. Now the playpen and walker deliver. Your toddler sims will learn how to walk in the walker and talk in the playpen by use of one of the mirrors. Your toddler sims can play with the abacus on side of the playpen. It comes loaded with world objects, household objects, clothing and hair, landscape items.


So now I’m off. I have a few things to tidy up and then I’m going to be jumping in game for a wee bit. See ya!


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