I have finally managed to get some good game play in and get a few shot of University Life.

Before I share my pic’s, I want to point out that in order for your sim to graduate, if you haven’t already figured it out, your sim will need to carry a total of 48 credits. So while you can send your sim off to University for either 1 sim week or 2 sim weeks, I would do the second option and carry 24-36 credits in one term. Example: your sim enrolls for a 2 sim week term- choose either 24 or 36 credits for this term. They will go back to their home world after that term. In order to get that degree, you must go back! So enroll your sim in for another 2 sim week term. If you did 24 credits in the first term you will need 24 in this term to get your 48 credits. If you choose to stress your sim to the max with studies and choose 36 for the first term, well now your sim can live a little while they go back for their second term and only take 12, to get the required 48. At the end of their second term, it’s graduation and a degree! Yay! Your sim is now a little smarter than when they started out. You will be offered the chance to invite your family and friends to attend your graduation. I got so excited when my sim graduated, I forgot to take pics except for when she was leaving Unversity for the very last time.


So. Lets get down to experiencing UL.

Simsburger joint and the comic shop:

Screenshot-1000 Screenshot-1001

Bowling alley:


Tagging a wall, making a snow angel, hacky sack, holding a rowdy protest, going to class, juice pong, juice keg standScreenshot-999 Screenshot-1008 Screenshot-1010 Screenshot-1006 Screenshot-987 Screenshot-985 Screenshot-884 Screenshot-881





I also suggest that while your at University, take lots of pics with your new smartphone to remember all the good times, friends and those your sim is really interested in.

While my gal was attending school, during her first term one of her roommates/housemates, died from catching on fire. Now the poor soul is to spend the rest of his day’s haunting all upcoming students. And homes, dorms and businesses will don on the festival lights in the winter.








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